About us

Petroland AquaPark is the biggest tourist-amusement attraction that has been built in Serbia so far. At the same time, it is the most modern water park in the entire Balkans.

It is located on the territory of municipality of Backi Petrovac, near Novi Sad. It is 120 kilometers from Belgrade, as well as from the border with Hungary, and only 20 kilometers away from the border crossing with Croatia.

The investor, which has previous experiences in the realizations of similar projects, is a privately held company from the Republic of Slovakia.

Geothermal water, which reaches the surface from the depth of about 800 meters, with its temperature above 40 degrees of Celsius will enable the AquaPark complex to be used during the cold months as well.

The modern technology enables water to be cooled during the summer heat.

The total surface of the water park is 20 hectares. The construction has been planned in three key stages:
1st stage was completed in October 2011.
On the surface of around 8 hectares water amusement attractions are situated, including large and small slides. Within the AquaPark, there is the biggest water castle for kids and three towers used for getting down the slides. AquaPark has 6 pools and other entertaining facilities for kids and adults. There is also a wide range of gastronomy services and other supplementary services.
2nd stage includes the construction of an outdoor swimming pool, auto-camp, and new water amusement attractions (slides).
3rd stage includes the construction of accommodation facilities, the fourth water slide tower and several indoor pools with additional attractions, as well as wellness spa and fitness center, apartment village and hotel, with complex tourist services.