Children’s paradise

Children’s paradise

This represents a real paradise for kids with plenty of sprayers, sprinklers and interesting details which are waiting to be discovered. Because of all this and many other attractions there are for children, this has become a place of family get-together.

Children’s Paradise – Slides

Elephants, winding snakes, turtles and many other smaller and bigger slides will provide our youngest visitors with joy and fun.

Children’s Paradise – Sprayers

There is a great number of sprayers all around Children’s Paradise. The cannon on the pirate ship and the large pirate bucket are among the most interesting sprayers, and these attractions are something that adults would like to try as well.

Children’s Paradise – Playgrounds

Next to Children’s Paradise, on the playground by children’s pool, there are many slides available for children. For those who are full of energy, we provided trampolines and big colorful inflatable castles.