AquaPark PETROLAND Backi Petrovac (1st STAGE)

– the surface of 7 hectares + 1 hectare of parking space

– cca. 51,000 square meters of green surfaces

1. Wave pool

The pool is equipped with a special technology that simulates see waves up to 1.5 meters of height. This unique technology hasn’t been available in our region so far, and it is rare in European Aqua Parks. The system for simulation of waves turns on alternately a few times in one hour, and in the meantime, the pool is suitable for swimming due to its size.

– length: 54.4 meters, width: 39.3 meters, water surface 1,000 square meters
– depth: from 0 to 2.5 meters

2. Relax Pool

Enjoy in a variety of water massages, unusual architecture of the pool, as well as in special massage lounges.
– length: 39 meters, width: 14.2 meters, water surface 600 square meters
– depth: from 0 to 1 meter
– the number of massage lounges: 21

3. Kids paradise

An independent water unit with fun attractions and slides. It is specially designed and intended for different needs and entertainment of the youngest.
– unusual shape
– the depth of water is adapted for children, up to 40 centimeters
– length: 23.5 meters, width: 30 meters
– water surface: 630 square meters

4. Wild river

Rafting on the wild river is one of the unforgettable experiences that you will remember from your staying at AquaPark PETROLAND.
– total length: cca. 200 meters
– depth of the total length: 0.9 meters
– water surface: 600 square meters

5. Pools for getting down the slides

These pools are parts of slides and are not intended for swimming. The pools, with their design and shape, provide maximum safety for all users, regardless of their age.
1. Minimax Tower (the first tower with slides)
– height: 12 meters, 3 slides
– Twister, length: 81 meters
– Crazy Corn, length: 98.9 meters
– Black Hole, length: 128.7 meters
2. Hill Tower (the second tower with slides)
– height: 18 meters, and much more slides
– Kamikaze, length: 75.8 meters
– Rainbow, length: 53 meters
– Zebra, length: 119 meters
– Tiger, length: 104.5 meters
3. King Tower (the tower with the King Slide)
One of the biggest, most popular and most visited attractions in PETROLAND. This slide attracts not only the youngest but older visitors of AquaPark as well.
– height: 18 meters
– length: 123.5 meters


Near the biggest attractions, but in peaceful and remote areas, there are various types of beaches.
You can enjoy on loungers under umbrellas, or you can relax on a green field – it’s your choice.

Sports fields

The complex has enough space for various games and recreational sports:
– basketball court and football field on artificial grass
– football field on sand
– beach volleyball court
– grass fields for sports
– fitness equipment.

Children’s Paradise

Our youngest visitors will especially enjoy in the attractions that are intended only for them:
– slides
– sprinklers
– children’s playgrounds