I. Introductory provisions

I.I. This rulebook on the use of “AquaPark Petroland” Backi Petrovac complex (hereinafter: the Rulebook) shall regulate the operation of “AquaPark Petroland” Backi Petrovac complex (hereinafter: the complex), as well as the rules governing the behavior of visitors, and the maintenance of order, cleanliness and safety in the complex during its operating hours. Access places and outside landscaping of the park are a part of the complex as well.

 Every visitor is obliged to become familiar with the Rulebook upon entering the complex and to respect its provisions as well.

I.III. By purchasing a ticket, the visitor accepts the Rulebook and its provisions, and he/she confirms to have read the Rulebook. The visitor is also obliged to comply with the provisions, guidelines, warnings, prohibitions and orders that are listed in the Rulebook, as well as on the info and other boards which are located in the complex. By buying a ticket, the visitor confirms that he/she is aware of the consequences of breaking any of the rules.

I.IV. Visitors must avoid all actions that disturb the comfort of other visitors or interfere with the duties of employees.

I.V. The responsibility of management for injuries, property damage or financial loss is limited by legislation.

I.VI. All current instructions in the complex have precedence over general regulations and instructions.

II. The entrance to the complex

II.I. Entry is allowed only during the operating hours with a valid ticket or a season ticket which can be purchased at the box office by a visitor. As a ticket, the visitor receives an electronic bracelet which he is obliged to return when he leaves the aqua park. When leaving the aqua park, the visitor cannot leave until he returns his bracelet, and only then does the exit gate open for him. The bracelet is read by the visitor inserting it into the device and then the gate opens. In case of loss of the electronic bracelet, the visitor is obliged to refund the lost bracelet in cash when leaving. Refunds for tickets already purchased are not possible.

I.II. Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to enter if accompanied by a person over the age of 18. Children up to 90 centimeters of height are allowed to enter only if accompanied by an adult.

I.III. The complex can be reserved for schools, community, sports and other organizations during the certain hours. During that time, other visitors are not allowed to swim in the certain area. When the capacity of the complex is full, the management reserves the right to ban other visitors from entering.

II.IV. The deadline for selling tickets and entering the complex is no later than one hour before closing of the complex.

II.V. Every discount can be received by showing an identity document with a photograph. Adults can show an identity card or a passport, and children can show a health card or a passport (it is also possible to show a photocopy).

III. Entry ban

III.I. The following persons may be banned from entering:
Persons suffering from infectious diseases (in case of a doubt, a visitor may be asked to show a doctor’s certificate), persons with open wounds, possible skin problems (for example, skin pealing, rash, skin parasites), or persons who suffer from any kind of disease that can endanger the health of other visitors, for example: persons with a fever, cough, inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis), persons with infectious diseases, or illnesses that can cause nausea, carriers of intestinal and other diseases, persons with bandages on their body, and also persons who are dirty, or in dirty clothes and persons who have head lice. In addition to that, family members of persons with infectious diseases, who are isolated from their families, persons suffering from diseases accompanied by discharge, persons who are planning to use the complex for commercial purposes or to use the complex for non-standard purpose without the authorization of a competent person, persons whose visit could disturb the order, safety and cleanliness of the complex and whose behavior is contrary to the moral and social principles.

III.II. Person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics will be banned from entering.

III.III. It is forbidden to take animals to AquaPark.

III.IV. For safety reasons, persons who cannot move independently, dress or undress without the help of another person, as well as persons with physical or mental disabilities are allowed to enter the complex only if accompanied by somebody.

III.V. A visitor who, after being warned does not comply with the provisions of this Rulebook or does not listen to the instructions of workers who are in charge, can be removed from the complex without the refund. In the extreme cases, according to the nature of violation, the manager of the complex may ask a security guard or competent security authorities to intervene.

III.VI. “AquaPark” management has the right to ban unwanted persons from entering the complex.

IV. Information on the work of complex for visitors

IV.I. The duration of stay in the complex is limited by the time of the purchase of a valid ticket. If the specified time for swimming is exceeded, the visitor is obliged to pay the extra cost.

IV.II. Before entering a pool or an attraction, all visitors are obliged to use the toilet, to thoroughly wash themselves under a shower, and to go through the hygienic barrier.

IV.III. Visitors of the complex must wear their own swimsuits which have to be clean. Nudism is prohibited.

IV.IV. Visitor can dress and undress only in places that are intended for such purposes – in the dressing rooms or outside changing rooms.

IV.V. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to carry any type of glass packaging.

IV.VI. “AquaPark” management does not bear any responsibility for excessive wear of swimsuits caused by the frequent usage of slides.

IV.VII. We recommend not bringing valuable things and a large amount of money with you. The complex management offers you the possibility of using lockers/safe deposit boxes for storing valuables in the entrance hall. The management is not responsible for theft and disappearance of things within the complex.

IV.VIII. Non-swimmers can only swim in certain spaces and only at their own risk. Wave pool is for swimmers only. Non-swimmers are not allowed to swim in this pool.

IV.IX. You need to have the permission of the staff on duty to use sport or game props.

IV.X. Only children up to 140 centimeters of height are allowed to enter children’s pool. Adults are not permitted to enter the children’s pool unless they are accompanying a child up to 100 centimeters of height.

IV.XI. All visitors have to take care about the cleanliness of the complex, they also have to take care not to disturb other visitors with their behavior or actions, not to make too much noise, and they also have to take care about their personal safety and not to run on wet surfaces.

IV.XII. The management reserves the right to adjust the opening and closing time of the complex, and certain attractions as well, due to safety reasons in case of bad weather (rain, storm, strong wind, fog, reduced visibility) and due to technical reasons. In case of aforementioned situations, the management is not obliged to refund tickets, or to give a refund to visitors in any other way. On the basis of our own assessment, the management reserves the right to occasionally close down certain attractions, that is, to put in function only certain attractions.

IV.XIII. Every visitor is obliged to compensate the losses and damages caused by his fault, both to the equipment of the complex and to the property of other persons as well.

IV.XIV. The management is not responsible for injuries caused by visitors own carelessness or by not complying with rules and regulations of this Rulebook.

IV.XV. All the slides and attractions that are available to visitors are used at their own risk!

IV.XVI. Increased caution is necessary at the water attractions. Plunging one another, throwing others into the water, and jumping into the water are prohibited.

IV.XVII. Every visitor is obliged to comply with the instructions for getting down the slides and to comply with other notices and warnings displayed inside the complex. In the case of non-compliance with restrictions and warnings that limit the usage of attractions in a certain way, visitors take the responsibility for any injuries and damages caused by risky behavior. The management is not responsible in case of injuries under the influence of alcohol.

IV.XVIII. Visitors are obliged to leave the pools 30 minutes before the closing time.

IV.XIX. Visitors take full responsibility for locking the lockers where they leave personal things and clothes. Lockers that remain locked after the closing time will be opened by the staff on duty and their contents will be treated as lost property.

IV.XX. The management does not bear responsibility for any personal items lost in the complex or at the attractions.

IV.XXI. In case of bad weather, storm or strong wind visitors are obliged to leave the pools due to safety reasons. If visitors decide to leave the complex earlier because of bad weather, the management is not obliged to refund tickets, or to give a refund to visitors in any other way.

IV.XXII. Visitors are obliged to comply with the instructions of lifeguards/pool supervisors and employees of “AquaPark”.

IV.XXIII. A limited number of sun loungers and umbrellas, which visitors can use during their stay free of charge, is placed in the complex. After the capacity of sun loungers and umbrellas is full, Aqua Park is not obliged to provide the rest of the visitors with loungers and umbrellas.

IV.XXIV. The number of people that are allowed to use attractions is limited because of the safety of visitors. AquaPark does not guarantee the unlimited usage of all attractions and without having to wait in queue.

V. In the complex it is forbidden

V.I. To ask employees for services that are not in compliance with this Rulebook.

V.II. To destroy the equipment in the complex and to waste water.

V.III. To swim in clothes not suitable for swimming, including the underwear. Children of all ages are only allowed to enter a pool wearing a swimsuit or special waterproof diapers for hygienic reasons.

V.IV. To ask for help with no justifiable reason.

V.V. To enter the areas that are not meant for public, to enter changing rooms and showers of the opposite sex, and to enter the parts of the complex that are marked as forbidden to enter due to safety or technical reasons.

V.VI. To jump into a pool outside the space reserved for that purpose, to run on the tracks, to jump from them and from other high-risk spaces.

V.VII. To take any object into a pool that is not intended for swimming. It is forbidden to take flippers and diving masks into a pool.

V.VIII. To yell, whistle, make unnecessary noise, run (there is a risk of injury due to a slip), plunge each other and tackle other persons or to behave inappropriately in any other way.

V.IX. To spit on the floor or into the water, to intentionally pollute water, to urinate into a pool, to litter and pollute the complex.

V.X. To smoke on the premises of the service building and pools, and in every part of the complex labeled as a non-smoking zone.

V.XI. To use rescue and first aid equipment, fire extinguishers and any other equipment that the park uses for emergencies without authorization.

V.XII. To voluntarily move the equipment and installed furniture.

V.XIII. To carry sharp objects, or other glass objects that can be broken and cause injury.

V.XIV. To wash clothes and yourself with soap outside the space reserved for that purposes.

V.XV. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use all the slides (including Water Tubing), if a visitor is wearing rings, a watch, necklaces, or glasses.

V.XVI. To enter a pool and slides while chewing a bubble gum.

V.XVII. To eat food on the premises of the swimming pools, or other premises not reserved for this purpose. In case of violation of this prohibition, the management has the right to remove a visitor from the complex without the right to refund for the ticket.

V.XVIII. To bring your own drinks, alcoholic drinks, bottles, contents that do not comply with what is labeled by a producer of a bottle.

V.XIX. To bring and use any kind of weapons.

V.XX. To take pictures or videos of visitors or groups without their consent.

V.XXI. To play musical instruments, and use audio and television techniques.

V.XXII. To damage, get dirty, move, change or remove objects or labels that are placed in the complex.

V.XXIII. To disturb swimmers, visitors, life guards or other employees in the complex and to disturb and violate the safety of swimmers and visitors in any way.

V.XXIV. To behave in contravention of this Rulebook and applicable regulations in the swimming premises.

V.XXV. To use toiletries in the pools in the complex.

V.XXVI. To use a whistle or similar devices for giving audio signals that can interfere with the work of rescue and other professional services in the complex.

V.XXVII. To ride bikes, motorbikes, rollers, roller skates, skateboards and scooters.

V.XXVIII. To bring food and drinks, as well as portable fridges. Exeptions are bottles and baby food as well as special dietary foods. Please bring these foods in the original packages.

VI. Other provisions

VI.I. The Rulebook on the use of “AquaPark Petroland” Backi Petrovac complex and rules apply to the general usage of equipment. Exceptions can be made in certain cases, without the need to change this Rulebook. A change may be approved only by an authorized person.

VI.II For taking pictures and videos for commercial purposes and printing inside the complex, the permission of “AquaPark” authorities is needed.

VII. Transitional and final provisions

VII.I Amendments to this Rulebook are made by the company director, in the manner and in the procedure prescribed for its adoption.

VII.II This Rulebook shall enter into force eight days after its publication on the bulletin board of the company.