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  • Temperature 60 – 65 °C
  • Percentage 30 – 50 %
  • Time 8 – 15 min


The bio sauna is a combination of a Finnish sauna and a steam bath, offering an ideal solution for those whose temperature in a classic Finnish sauna is high and for whom the steam bath is too steamy. The pleasant aromas of herbal essential oils have a beneficial effect on all your senses.

  • Temperature 80 – 110 °C
  • Percentage 10 – 15 %
  • Time 8 – 15 min


The Finnish sauna guarantees you perfect relaxation and a rest. As the body heats up and the skin temperature rises, intense sweating occurs, the heart rate increases when the body tries to cool down, and thus the circulation improves, the metabolism speeds up and the skin regenerates. Relax your body and soul, get rid of stress and let yourself feel perfect.

  • Temperature 40 – 45 °C
  • Percentage 100 %
  • Time 5 – 20 min


A steam bath is one of the better methods in the fight against stress to which we are exposed every day and ensures relaxation. By the action of steam, the pores expand, the respiratory tract is completely cleansed, the detoxification of the organism is stimulated through the process of increased sweating. Treat yourself to a divine feeling in a steamy and warm environment.

  • Temperature 30 – 50 °C
  • Percentage 10 %
  • Time 8 – 15 min


Infra sauna works on the principle of direct heating of the body by infrared light, which is similar to the thermal radiation of the sun. Infra sauna is characterized by the quality, safety and efficiency of infrared heaters. The heat of the Infra sauna relaxes your body, reduces stress and relieves muscle tension. Your body will be pleasantly warmed and completely relaxed.

Other spa

  • Temperature 20 – 30 °C
  • Percentage 20 %
  • Time 20 – 40 min


The salt room is a room whose walls are lined with natural salt rock that creates a sterile environment full of negative ions. Salt room has beneficial effects on the respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and metabolic systems of the user. Relax and let the salt fumes and pleasant relaxing music affect all your senses.

  • Temperature 25 – 30 °C
  • Percentage 10 %


Enter a real oasis of peace, rest and restore harmony to body and soul, relax on comfortable deck chairs. The wellness oasis of refreshment with its pleasant ambience created for a perfect vacation, brings a significant positive to alleviate and escape from everyday stress. Allow your thoughts freedom.

  • Temperature 15 – 20 °C


The Jacuzzi is as created for relaxation and enjoyment. Warm water with specially designed jets that give the feeling of a deep massage of the whole body, lead to better circulation, muscle relaxation and the body enters a state of complete relaxation.

  • Temperature 15 – 17 °C


When you are done with the spa treatments from our offer, we recommend you to end the enjoyment by pulling a bucket and enjoying millions of small and large drops of water. Their strength and energy will stimulate and relax your body.

  • Temperature 15 – 17 °C


Only for the bravest after using the sauna when the blood vessels are dilated, the organism is warmed up, followed by cooling by entering the ice pool. Using an ice pool strengthens immunity, speeds up circulation and eliminates stress and fatigue. The key to lasting health, beauty and vitality of the body.

  • Temperature 25 – 30 °C
  • Percentage 10 %


Relax between individual saunas, but also after visiting each sauna, in the pleasant temperature of a warm bench in the relaxing part of the wellness & spa.



belongs to the oldest ways of performing a massage. It has a positive effect against stress and depression and gives total physical relaxation and mental balance. Therefore, the results are not only relaxation and rest, but also a strengthening of health and increased resistance of the body.


is a calming massage using relaxing oils accompanied by pleasant music. It releases your body and mind and you will feel reborn.


is a type of classical massage which was specially redesigned for athletes or for those who perform demanding physical activities.


Reflex therapy effectively reduces acute pain, speeds physical recovery, and has a significant impact on the psyche. We offer a special form of reflex therapy, where the treatment acts through nerve connections and endings in the area of selected reflex arcs.


provides a number of benefits and benefits for the skin at any age, especially for mature, whose tone is declining. Facial massage also provides a blogging effect of expelling excess water retained in the intercellular space, reducing swelling and "watery bags". Regular facial massages, which can be continued at home (self-massage), stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.


To go to the spa, you need spa covers that you get at the reception of the spa and it’s up to you to indulge in complete enjoyment.

The spa has locker rooms that are available for you to store things and you no have to worry about the safety of your things, because we have a special electronic system when you access the locker rooms, which guarantees the storage of your valuables.

The advice is not to enter the spa immediately after a meal, but not hungry. In addition, it is not recommended to consume alcohol before visiting the spa.

While on the other side, taking soft drinks such as squeezed juices, refreshing with various combinations of natural juices and other beverages, is recommended. The most important thing is to drink enough fluids, especially when using saunas, so that your body is doubly hydrated at all times.

It is necessary to respect peace and quiet in the spa. For complete enjoyment, we advise you to leave your mobile phone as well and to spend the moments spent in the spa just relaxing.

Each sauna has its own story where you choose your favorite type, if you want to explore everything, go in order. After each trip to the sauna, the body needs to be cooled by showering, and for the bravest there is also an ice pool. It is necessary to enter the sauna completely dry. Rest is an essential item after every sauna.

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